The Community Empowered Professional

I am convinced that professionals, particularly the self-employed, independent professionals, also referred to as freelancers or IPRO’s, have an increasingly important role to play in our society. Therefore they need to be given the possibility to develop their unique professional status of combining expertise and engagement.

Their challenges go beyond finding a job fitting with their expertise. They are, or at least should be, aware of their Professional Value Cycle, entailing not only enjoying the status of being independent or having a job, they need specific entrepreneurial skills to go-to-market and, above all, they need to work on their USP, delivering added value and being able to distinguish themselves from their numerous colleagues.

My background in association management learned me how rewarding it can be for professionals to be active in a community, be it a traditional professional society or less formal communities. Creating a valuable environment of professional and personal exchange of knowledge and practices (peer-to-peer, CPD,…) within a broad network, leads to empowerment that surpasses the individual scope.

My goal is to help organizations and professionals in matching the strength of the individual professional and the power of communities combining creating collectiveness and personal ambitions.